Make spirits premiumisation work for your business

Make spirits premiumisation work for your business

Whether you’re a bar or venue owner/manager, or an independent liquor retailer, there’s one trend you’ve surely noticed. Premiumisation is arguably the most significant trend influencing the global alcoholic drinks market.  Spirits Platform is uniquely placed to help you profit from this trend.

Consumers are drinking less, but they’re drinking better quality. Today’s consumers are adventurous, searching for new taste experiences and more exotic options. Premium spirits offer a touch of affordable luxury, making a night at home or a night out even more special.

Spirits Platform offers a range of the most premium, authentic and storied spirit brands available in Australia today – including many top-sellers.

But more about that later. First, let’s have a look at three ways you can leverage the premiumisation trend to grow your business:

Tap into the thirst for authenticity

Consumers are increasingly seeking brands with real stories; they want to understand a product’s history, provenance, and craftsmanship. To develop this angle for your business, Spirits Platform offers our customers the Spirits Academy. Complimentary Spirits Academy training helps you understand the stories behind the most significant and up-and-coming spirit and liqueur brands and their relevance to consumers today.

For example, learn about the “Rolls Royce of Single Malts”, The Macallan, the world’s leading single malt Scotch whisky by value with a rich history dating back to 1824. Then there’s Bruichladdich, the inspiration of so many craft distillers with its focus on the provenance and traceability of its barley varieties from different farms, fields, or “terroirs”. Bruichladdich also plays a vital role in its local community as the largest private employer on the island of Islay.

Spirits Academy can empower your staff to up-sell with authentic stories like these.

Mark Hickey heads up spirits Academy with support from Josh O’Brien, Andy Buntine, and Danilo Migiorini. To learn more about Spirit Academy programs, contact Mark Hickey on 0420 941 853.

We put a premium on relationships

As an independent Australian business representing a collective of family-owned brands, we understand independent businesses like yours and what it takes to punch above your weight.

In the on-premise space, we can help to develop cocktail lists with a premium edge that will surprise and delight your customers. We offer educational Master Classes that equip your staff with brand knowledge, adding depth to your customers’ experience. We can also tailor consumer tasting events and other creative activations. We’ve always believed in and invested in on-premise – and we’re here for your bar or venue.

In the off-premise space, we can help with customer tastings, unique gifts with purchase offers, point of sale support, and more.

So if you want to put a premium edge into your next in-store or on-premise promotion, contact us. As an independent – just like you – we are agile and can act quickly. Our internal digital team can also drive awareness and sales for your business online.

Unique premium brands in every spirit category

The trends towards premiumisation and authenticity have also led to an explosion of craft spirits producers in almost every spirit category. With this proliferation of premium brands, it’s essential to pick top performers. Spirits Platform offers a rich portfolio of top-performing premium brands.

We have one of Australia’s best Single Malt Whisky ranges, including Scotch, Irish, American, and Australian single malts.

In the growing Cognac category, we have the legendary Louis XIII and Remy Martin – the dominant producer of Fine Champagne Cognac, renowned for its aromatic intensity.

Gin is currently the fastest-growing spirit category in Australia. Spirits Platform has The Botanist, a unique gin of layered complexity with 22 hand-foraged botanicals from its home on Islay. We also offer Martin Millers Gin, awarded two Spirits Golds in the 2020 International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

As Tequila’s popularity continues to rise, we have the ever-popular Sierra Tequila. Sierra Silver is the best-selling Blanco tequila in Australia by volume.

In Liqueurs, we’re proud to represent Cointreau, an essential of every bar and the heart of countless classic cocktails including the original Margarita. This is perfectly complemented by Disaronno, the world’s favourite Italian liqueur with a recipe unchanged since 1525. According to Drinks Trade Magazine, Disaronno is the fastest-growing liqueur brand in Australia2.  We also offer the increasingly popular Licor 43 with its distinctive Spanish twist, and its latest expression Licor 43 Horchata – a totally unique cream-style liqueur that is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and Vegan!

Give sales a premium lift

Spirits Platform is a spirits company – our name says it all. But the spirit, in our business, runs deeper than liquid in a bottle. We are an independent Australian business representing a rich collective of family-owned brands. We’re proud of our independence and passionate about the brands we represent.

Premiumisation is an opportunity for your business to find new growth opportunities. If you are looking for a solid partner committed to helping your business thrive, please subscribe to stay in touch and take advantage of our exclusive subscriber offers.

And if you’d like to stock products from our extensive range or discuss ways to bring a new and exciting spirit to your business, please get in touch with your local Spirits Platform State Manager.

Cointreau Pina Margarita
Disaronno Mai Tai