Tasty Liqueurs to try at the Good Food & Wine Show

Jun 14, 2022
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Tastebuds ready, steady, GO! At the 2022 Sydney Good Food & Wine Show, we’re pulling out all the stops. Sample and savour an exceptional selection of aperitivos and liqueurs, including Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur, Villa Massa Limoncello, Select Aperitivo, Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur, the number one Italian liqueur Disaronno, and the gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free Licor 43 Horchata as well as Licor 43 Original. The Cointreau Margarita Kombi will also be serving 3 delicious Margaritas to cocktail lovers. So come taste any of these great liqueurs at the show.

The Sydney Good Food & Wine Show will be from 24th – 26th June 2022 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.

This year’s Good Food & Wine Show is a dream for liqueur lovers, with try-before-you-buy tastings and special show deals.

Here’s an overview of the delicious liqueurs available for you to taste and take home, where you can practice making your favourite cocktails.

“A Margarita without Cointreau isn’t worth its salt.”

So why should you settle for anything less? To showcase the versatility of this iconic cocktail, the Cointreau Margarita Kombi will be serving up three tasty Margarita variations.

On the menu is the Original Margarita, a Spicy Margarita with Jalapeno, and a fruity frozen Passionfruit Margarita, which blends the complex flavour notes of Cointreau the with a tropical touch of Passoã passionfruit liqueur. Visit the Cointreau Margarita Kombi at the show at stand F20.

Elderflower Liqueur from the Italian Alps

Experience Fiorente, an all-natural liqueur made with wild elderflowers grown in the foothills of the Alps. With a lower sugar content than most elderflower liqueurs, Fiorente is not too sweet but perfectly balanced, making it an essential aperitivo ingredient. Just add a splash of soda or prosecco for a classic low alcohol aperitivo. Fiorente has a delicious offering a delightfully floral, herbal character and a clean and zesty finish that make every sip a delight. Find Fiorente at stand C16.

The world’s leading Limoncello – served the traditional way

Have you ever had Limoncello served the traditional Italian way – straight and icy-cold? You’re in for a treat! We’ll be serving Villa Massa Limoncello the traditional way, enhancing sweet, crisp lemon notes that make your mouth sing. The Massa family’s artisanal, award-winning recipe dates back to 1890 and was made using fruits from the family lemon grove. Located at stand C14.

A taste of Venice

SELECT Aperitivo was created back in 1920 in the Castello district of Venice by blending 30 botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb roots. The result is a genuinely sophisticated liqueur, with floral, grassy, citrusy, balsamic, and spicy notes – making this bitter-sweet, delicious aperitivo a must-try and buy. SELECT is the main ingredient of the original Venetian Spritz and is delicious when chilled and sipped neat. Located at stand E3.

The world’s favourite Italian liqueur

Disaronno Originale is an amaretto-flavoured liqueur with a characteristic almond taste made in Saronno, Italy. Try Disaronno in the famous, low-alcohol Disaronno Fizz. The original flavours and unmistakable aroma of Disaronno are combined with fizzy soda bubbles and lemon juice for a refreshing and thirst-quenching cocktail.

Fans of indulgent creamy liqueurs can also try Disaronno Velvet, neat on the rocks. With its full body, milk-like appearance and notes of toasted almonds, apricots, chocolate and vanilla, Disaronno Velvet is perfect for those who love sophisticated cream liqueurs with an intense aroma and truly luxurious taste. Find these 2 great liqueurs at stand D23.

Vegan, dairy-free, nut-free – yet creamily delicious

Light, refreshing and easy to drink, Licor 43 Horchata is a vegan, dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free Spanish liqueur. Creamy, refreshing and subtly sweet, Licor 43 Horchata delivers touches of spices and citrus combined. This deliciously light, silky liqueur is traditionally consumed on ice – a refreshing and super-tasty way to drink it. Visit stand and taste it for yourself!

Licor 43 Original is one of the most versatile liqueurs on the market. This sensationally smooth golden Spanish Liqueur is great in cocktails. Licor 43 is made from a secret 70-year-old family recipe of 43 natural ingredients including selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals. First released in 1946, Licor 43 is produced in its original home of Cartagena in south-eastern Spain: in fact, this is still the only place that Licor 43 is ever produced. Both Licor 43 Horchata and Licor 43 Original can be found at stand DS13.

Refreshment not to be missed

The robust Passoã is a unique passionfruit liqueur packed with tangy fruit flavours. Easily mixed to create endless cocktail possibilities, Passoã is loaded with the taste of lingering tropical fruit. If you’re up for some classic refreshment with a new passionate twist, try Passoa & Tonic on stand D2.

And for dessert…

Experience Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur, a gluten-free, luxurious, full-bodied Austrian liqueur made with only natural ingredients. Fine gourmet chocolate is used to create a wonderfully viscous, well-rounded cream liqueur, best enjoyed lightly chilled or used to add a luxurious touch to desserts.

These incredible liqueurs and aperitivos will be available at Good Food & Wine Show prices. So come along, hear their stories and taste their exquisite flavours. Find Mozart at stand DS12.

Enjoy a fantastic day out with friends and wander through the show, sample from hundreds of stalls, and chat to the people who bring you these delicious liqueurs, fine wine, and high-quality foods.

Come sip and sample the spectacular array of food and drink on offer. The Good Food & Wine Show is a must-attend event for anyone who loves fine food, artisanal produce, and the finest spirits and liqueurs.

You can find us at the show at these stands.

Disaronno and Disaronno Velvet – Stand D23

Fiorente – Stand C16

Licor 43 Original and Licor 43 Horchata – Stand DS13

Mozart – Stand DS12

Passoa – Stand D2

Select Aperitivo – Stand E3

Villa Massa – Stand C14

Book tickets here, or to find out more, visit https://goodfoodshow.com.au/sydney/

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