The Botanist Chamomile Collins

The Botanist Chamomile Collins

An elegant twist on a classic Collins, you can make this cocktail with The Botanist Gin, Lemon juice, chamomile syrup, topped with soda water. It really is that simple! Garnish with chamomile flowers for a gorgeous presentation!


50mL The Botanist Gin
30mL Fresh Lemon Juice
15mL Chamomile Syrup
Top with Soda water
Chamomile flowers


Add all the ingredients to an ice-filled glass, top up with soda water.
Stir well and serve.
Garnish with Chamomile flowers.

Bartender’s Tip:

Make your own chamomile syrup by combining 250g sugar with 250mL boiling water and a handful of chamomile flowers or tea bags. Leave to boil for a couple of hours, then strain.