Cana Rio Cachaça comes from the house of Fazenda Soledade in Rio state, a Brazilian family enterprise established in 1827, and has been producing premium cachaça ever since. The vast majority of cachaça is consumed in Brazil, with just an estimated one percent exported.


Cana Rio Cachaça is produced using the elaborate, and for cachaça unusual, method of double distillation in copper pot stills. Only fresh sugar-cane juice is used for producing Canario Cachaça. After around one year of growth, the select, fresh sugar cane is harvested by hand. The heart of the sugar cane is carefully separated from the rest for the distillation process and pressed to produce sugar-cane juice within 24 hours. The importance of the pure, clear, soft water from the distillery’s own well for both the fermentation process and the ultimate quality of the product should not be underestimated.

Tasting Notes

Tangy-fresh, restrained sugar cane note and mild, pure and harmonious flavour.