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The Francoli family traces its origins back to the mountainous Valtellina region of Northern Italy where distillation was practiced for hundreds of years. Luigi Francoli moved to Ghemme in the early 1950s and was quickly followed by his four brothers who formed the company Fratelli Francoli. Luigi Francoli Grappa is uniquely distilled by the first Impatto Zero® (Zero Environmental Impact) distillery.

Luigi Francoli Barrique Del Limousin Grappa Bottle


Distilled from traditional “vinaccia” from Piedmont, it matures for three years in oak barrels of medium capacity. The hints of wood refine the longer-lasting traces and enhance the elegant, spicy notes. The final refining in Limousin wood barriques adds interesting hints of nuts to the grappa. Finally the Moscato grapes bring their own unique fragrance and freshness to a symmetry of flavour and aroma.

Luigi Francoli Moscato Grappa Bottle


Historically, Piedmont represents the most important region in the Moscato grape’s cultivation. The result obtained from the distillation of the pomace is a soft, aromatic and distinctive Grappa. Without any doubt this Grappa can be defined as single varietal grape.