Highland Park 30 YO
VOL: 700mLIABV: 45.2%
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Highland Park 30 Year Old

The Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky 30 Year Old Spring 2019 release was created from fewer than 20 casks laid down in 1989 and earlier years. This rare and limited batch is the rarefied result of a trio of different cask types, producing a complex and finely balanced single malt scotch whisky.

First-fill ex-bourbon casks provide sweet notes of vanilla and honey with hints of sharp citrus; first-fill ex-bourbon casks add rich layers of stewed fruit and warm spice flavours; and finally, a small number of refill casks round off the harmony of flavours.

Highland Park Distillery in Kirkwall, Orkney, has been crafting award-winning whisky since 1798. Age, experience and respect for tradition may define their single malt whisky, but it’s Orkney that sets it apart. Something magic happens on Orkney and the result is the wild harmony of flavours found in this whisky.

Tasting notes


Golden with hints of glowing amber.


Layers of sweet vanilla, floral honey and soft caramel.


Bright citrus notes with hints of bitter dark chocolate and warm spices.


Dry at the finish, leaving a lingering impression of aromatic peat smoke.

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