VOL: 700mLIABV: 16%
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Licor 43 Horchata liqueur

Horchata is a traditional Spanish beverage with a long history and tradition of Mediterranean origin. It is a refreshing cool drink made from tiger nuts, blended with sugar, and sometimes flavored with cinnamon and lemon.  The tiger nut is one of the earliest domesticated tubers and it is considered today a “superfood” with multiple beneficial properties. The highest quality tiger nuts are grown in Valencia. That’s why the traditional horchata from Valencia is the inspiration behind Licor 43 Horchata.

Licor 43 Horchata is a new liqueur with a 100% vegetal base, with no lactose or milk protein content and suitable for vegans. It is a fusion of Licor 43 Original with the traditional horchata from Valencia.

Licor 43 Horchata is a creamy but light vegan liqueur with a surprisingly refreshing taste of tiger nut in harmony with spice & citrus aromas and a subtle floral finish.

Tasting notes


Creamy, subtly golden.


Spicy and citrus tones, tiger nut horchata, roasted nuts, and a subtle floral touch of summer sunsets on the Mediterranean coast.


Creamy, light, refreshing, complex, and subtly sweet. Horchata touches of spices and citrus combined.

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