Chartreuse is inextricably tied to the Carthusian Order of monks. Bruno of Cologne (later to become St. Bruno) founded the order in 1084 after giving up an affluent life in Reims, France. In 1605 the French Artillery Marshall to the King, Hannibal d’Estrees presented to the Carthusians a mysterious manuscript containing the formula for an “Elixir of Long Life”.

In 1737, as the result of lengthy endeavours, Brother Jerome Maubec succeeded in manufacturing for the fist time what is still called “The Herbal Elixir of the Grandé Chartreuse”. Two decades later, Green Chartreuse was created using the same recipe used today. Yellow Chartreuse was created in 1838 by another brother, Bruno Jacquet – a milder and sweeter version of the famous Green Chartreuse.

Chartreuse’s popularity grew and the production was later moved from the monastery at La Grande Chartreuse to the Fourvoirie Distillery, which was unfortunately destroyed by a landslide in 1935. Since then Chartreuse has been manufactured in Voiron, France.

Only two monks at Chartreuse are privy to the secret recipe for producing the liqueurs. While a team of technicians assist in the production of Chartreuse now, the brothers are still solely responsible for the process of macerating the 130 botanical ingredients to obtain their properties before distillation, it is the monks who still combine the batches of natural ingredients at the monastery in specific combinations known only to them. The Voiron facility boasts the longest liqueur cellar in the world, with the cool and silent environment providing the ideal conditions for maturation. Some of the barrels are over 100 years old, being salvaged from the original distillery at Fourvoirie.

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Green Chartreuse is the only liqueur in the world with a completely natural green colour. Only two Chartreuse monks know the identity of the 130 plants, how to blend them and how to distil them into this world famous liqueur. They are also the only ones who know which plants they have to macerate to produce the natural green and yellow colours. And they alone supervise the slow ageing in oak casks.

Tasting notes

Vibrant Aromas of spices, herbs, and soufflé.

A lively entry to a sweet full body with intensity warming peppercorn and oil notes.

Finishes with a long, lingering subtle spice, herb, and pepper fade.




350mL, 700mL


Milder and sweeter than the famous Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse was introduced to the world in 1838. It also is presented in the traditional Chartreuse liqueur bottle embossed with the seal of La Grande Chartreuse. Its colour is entirely natural with no artificial flavours or preservatives. It, too, can be enjoyed neat or in a long drink.

Tasting notes

A complex and subtle melange of delicate Alpine flowers, herbs, spices, and creamy meringue aromas.

A silky entry to a moderately sweet medium to full body with delicate notes of anise and mint tea.

Long, lingering sweet herb and sugar fade.






Liqueur created by the best craftsmen of France “Sommeliers”. In 2007, an extraordinary event took place. The “Les Meilleurs Ouvriers de France – Sommeliers”, a delegation of the best sommeliers in France were given the opportunity to collaborate with the Carthusian Order. Whilst not revealing any of their secrets, the Monks worked with the sommeliers to create the Masterpiece – Chartreuse Cuvee des MOF.

Tasting notes

Herbal, minty nose, genepi, basil, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and spruce forest.

Gentian, anise, genepi, violet chamomile, and mint.

Mint, anise, genepi and gentian.






The Herbal Elixir De La Grande-Chartreuse has been made by the Carthusian Monks since 1764 according to the instructions set out in the secret manuscript given to them by Due d’Estrees in 1605. The Herbal Elixir gets its unique flavour from 130 medicinal and aromatic plants and flowers. It is a cordial, a liqueur, and a very effective digestif and tonic.





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