Zucca Rabarbaro


Zucca is a bittersweet Italian aperitif, made from the root of the true Chinese Rhubarb, grown only in the mountainous regions of Kansu province, and a selection of herbs including bitter orange peel and cardamon.



At first created to aid digestion, the origin of Zucca Rabarbaro dates to 1845. A homeopathic doctor blended the ingredients for the wife of Ettore Zucca. Ettore was captivated by the distinctive mix of ingredients and was inspired to add alcohol to complete the taste. As a result, Zucca Rabarbaro was created and enjoyed as a homemade spirit before becoming the signature liquor of Milan’s distinguished society.

Reprising the original recipe Zucca Rabarbaro was re-launched with a revitalized flavour and more potent kick at 30% alcohol. With a sweet, medicinal aroma, the resurrected formula is brightly bitter up front, with thick molasses flavours smoothing to a lightly smoky sweetness and a pleasingly spiced finish. The result is a delicate, unusual drink, which has gained popularity amongst the aperitif experts. The boosted alcohol content makes it an easy sub for a cocktail base spirit.