VOL: 700mLIABV: 38%
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Ouzo is an original Greek spirit that is traditionally consumed more during summer, typically an appetiser, or an aperitif mixed with water or drunk neat. It is the perfect match for light seafood and fish.

Sophisticated and complex in character, Ouzo by METAXA combines a uniquely rich flavour with the authentically Greek heritage of METAXA.

Ouzo by Metaxa is produced according to a time-honoured recipe of Asia Minor which places it in a special category of its own.

Fifteen Mediterranean spices including aniseed, mastic, fennel, badiane and coriander are blended in a unique mix to give the fullest, richest ouzo experience possible. The unique Mediterranean ingredients are steeped in high-proof grape-derived spirit, before being distilled in small, traditional copper pot stills, lending Ouzo by Metaxa its distinctive rich aroma and a taste that is full and balanced.

Tasting notes

Sweet and heavy aromas of black liquorice and anise. Semi-sweet on the palate with intense anise flavour throughout the silky texture. A clean finish – crisp with extraordinary Masticha, a flavor that lasts and lasts.

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