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Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2013

This Islay single malt is a unique whisky that no one else could have made. Crafted the hard way, by hand and with passion, respect and soul.
The origins and provenance of the barley are the essence of a single malt whisky, and this Port Charlotte dram is no exception. Distilled in 2013 using barley from seven Islay Farmers, it is made exclusively from 100% Islay grown grain. This eight-year-old single malt has matured in ex-American and ex-wine casks hailing from the Pessac-Léognan region of France.

Tasting notes


Delicate floral notes of lily and geranium precede warm orange zest before earthy peat and smoke add body and gravity. Banoffee pie and digestive biscuit emerge from behind the peat smoke, carrying this dram’s malty, fruity character forward.


The first taste is a wondrous thing. The salinity, fruit, light peat smoke and sweet oak deliver a whirl of complexity, enticing you back for another taste. Time spent resting in carefully selected oak casks delivers subtle almond, coconut, caramel, vanilla and muscovado. The peat smoke in this whisky is as beautifully balanced as ever, weaving delicately through the components to highlight but never overpower. A dram is gentle on the palate yet with a tremendous depth of flavour.


Smoke, fruit, oak and floral notes melt into each other creating a beautiful creamy texture that allows melon, peach and cherry to come through before dwindling into the dry embers of peat in the hearth.


The complexity of Islay grown barley and peat smoke make this whisky beautifully evocative of the traditional Islay style. The purity from the distillation and complexity of maturation create a perfect harmony and balance of all layers.

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