Sierra Milenario

Over 1000 years ago the story of tequila developed in the ancient civilization of Mexico. Pulque was produced from the fermented juice of the agave, a gift from the gods, exclusively designed to be enjoyed by the high priests and kings. In the 16th century, it was the Spanish art of distillation which refined the heart of the agave to Tequila.

Just like the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon of Teotihuacán, tequila embodies the Mexican soul. The Mexican government protects tequila as the national treasure with its strict directives which provide a guarantee for the high quality of tequila throughout the world.

In the pursuit of perfection and sovereignty, the former drink of the gods made of agaves was brought to its optimum. After over one Milenario – one millennium – Sierra Tequila Milenario incorporates both the soul and symbolism of perfection.


Selecting only the very best agave plants between 8 – 12 years of maturity for harvesting, Sierra Milenario represents the finest in all aspects of production. Only the best raw materials in the selection of piñas combined with gentle milling of only the first press aguamiel using state of the art, small copper pot stills help capture the essence of the spirit. Careful ageing in small 200L American oak barrels above and beyond the minimum legal age requirement ensures our tequila is one of the most premium 100% agave range of quality tequilas available.

How we make our Fumado Tequila is key to its delicious flavour. After cooking the agaves, we put them in a stainless steel container and place this on top of a brazier that burns mesquite and Mexican logs. The pot is perforated, infusing the agaves, so you get to experience an array of crisp fruit flavours paired with a smooth, subtle smokiness. The Sierra Milenario Tequila Fumado is represented by the Mayan zodiac sign “IMIX – IMOX”, the crocodile. Its grey color tone and the masculine character stress the edginess of the crocodile.

Tasting notes

Crisp fruit, subtle smokiness, and a kick of chili with an array of crisp fruit flavours paired with a smooth, subtle smokiness.





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