Sierra Tequila

Sierra Tequila is made in the traditional way in copper pot stills with double distillation. Sierra is one of the few large Tequila distilleries to avoid the use of column distillation. Pot still distillation is more gentle for the Tequila and has the advantage that the complex fruit notes are preserved. With Tequila it’s not just about the purity of the spirit, but above all it’s about preserving the fruity aroma of the agaves that make Sierra Tequila so unique.

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Sierra Tequila Silver Bottle


Sierra Tequila Silver is a mature, clear tequila. Its full, fruity, fresh aroma dominated by a subtle chilli note reflects the Tequilana Weber Azul Agave and also contains slight hints of green apple and young pineapple. Nuances of pepper give Sierra Tequila Silver that certain something, making it a feisty tequila.

Sierra Tequila Anejo Bottle


Sierra Tequila Reposado is traditionally distilled twice in copper pot stills. It matures for nine months in toasted oak barrels, which gives it its shimmering golden colour. Reposado is the favourite variety of tequila among Mexicans. The fresh, irresistible fruitiness of Sierra Tequila Reposado carries delicate notes of vanilla, caramel, and herbs. A recipient of numerous international awards, Sierra Tequila Reposado’s diversity of aromas makes it especially complex.

Sierra Tequila Cafe Bottle


Sierra Tequila Café fuses the elemental forces of handcrafted Sierra Tequila Blanco and Mexican coffee and crowns them with high-quality vanilla. Blue agave plants from the highlands, volcanic soil, double distillation in copper kettles and the knowledge of three generations of the same Mexican family preserve the fruity tequila taste while the full-bodied coffee and smooth vanilla turn this drink into a real highlight for the taste buds – pure, with fresh milk or mixed.

Sierra Tequila Antigo Bottle


Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo is aged over a period of two years in small oak barrels until its flavour matures to perfection. It has a warm, deep-gold colour and it is characterized by its aromatic, full-bodied, yet particularly mild, fine flavour. You will notice the sheer breadth of its aroma as soon as you open a bottle of Sierra Antiguo Tequila Añejo. The interplay of vanilla, oranges, clove, and pepper begins in the nose, continues to the palate, and fades slowly into a fruity resonance.