The story of Rosso Antico is closely linked to the history of the Buton family of distillers, the official purveyors of the Imperial Household in the court of Napoleon I In 1820 Jean Buton moved to Bologna where he founded the first Italian steam distillery, J Buton & C. So important is this year to the legacy of Rosso Antico that today the elegant glass bottle remains embossed with 1820.In 1962 the legacy of the J Buton Distillery gave rise to the creation of Rosso Antico, a wine-based aperitif with a distinct flavor and iconic bottle.Vermouth is the ultimate in Italian excellence From New York to Singapore, the best bartenders in the world are offering their clientele a true symbol of the finest Italian tradition. An aromatized wine first created in the late 18th century in the Court of Savoy, vermouth instantly became a must-have for the European aristocracy. Its name derives from the German word Wermut the term used to indicate wormwood, the botanical that has characterized this product since the beginning.


Rosso Antico is a masterful blend of select white wines and 33 botanicals that undergo the classic extraction methods of blending and boiling. Three species of Wormwood Absinthium Pontica and Vulgaris endow the liquid with its characteristic personality and a balanced level of pleasant bitterness. The most distinct element of the Rosso Antico aroma is the Ireos Florentina one of the finest varieties of Iris, which gives the vermouth its signature floral notes.

Dark, chocolate color with a slight amber hue.

Intense and extremely complex Floral notes stand out against wine based notes, followed by tropical spices and intense balsamic sensations Vegetal and grassy notes round out the profile.

Particularly rich and well balanced A soft initial sweetness with a pleasant level of acidity fills the mouth and leaves space for a mild yet persistent bitter mouthfeel.