VOL: 500mLIABV: 30%
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Villa Massa Limoncello

Villa Massa still adheres to the traditional family recipe and uses only the peels of organically grown Sorrento Lemons (also called as Oval lemons of Sorrento), purified water, top-quality alcohol, and sugar to produce their Limoncello. These lemons are the typical citrus variety grown only in the Sorrento Peninsula and in the island of Capri and have remained unchanged over the centuries thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the Sorrentine peninsula that favours the growth of a thin and fragrant lemon peel, rich in essential oils, which gives the Limoncello of Sorrento its unique flavour.

By using these finest quality ingredients and expert blending techniques, Villa Massa has grown to become the market leader amongst Limoncello producers and has won a multitude of awards along the way.

Tasting notes


Sweet and citrus, with a touch of honey.


Sweet, with the unmistakable crisp taste of lemon.


Long with a dry finish.

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