Mozart Chocolate Spirit

A pure and clear distillate made from unadulterated premium chocolate macerate: with natural ingredients and no added sugar, Mozart Chocolate Spirit is a dry spirit base with an unmistakable character.

The intensive chocolate aroma on the palate and the bittersweet finish on the tongue are trademarks of this Salzburg specialty. The intensive flavour of distilled chocolate brings a touch of sophistication to cocktails and long drinks, as well as to fruit juices. The bartender’s creativity will know no bounds with Mozart Chocolate Spirit.


Mozart Chocolate Spirit is created from the pure raw materials of cocoa and vanilla, which is closer to the original “xocolatl” of the Mayas and the Aztecs than it is to today’s chocolate.

It was triggered by a flash of inspiration during basic research into spirits. A special distillation plant was constructed in order to produce the crystal clear liquid from pure chocolate macerate.

This is the dry spirituous base of Mozart Chocolate Spirit, which is popular over the world, particularly for adding a touch of sophistication to cocktails, long drinks and fruit juices.

Tasting notes

Complex and dimensional pure cocoa and vanilla notes

Rounded and full on the palate, initially sweet notes rounding out to bitter ones

Sharp, dry finish with a lingering, layered cocoa aftertaste





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