Zubrowka Vodka

The Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka story begins in north-east Poland, deep in the Bialowieza Forest. The uniquely aromatic bison grass which grows there is named after the herds of bison that graze on it. Rare and enigmatic, it grows in sun-dappled woodland glades so secret and remote that only 21 families know its exact location. The grass is carefully harvested, its precious essence manually extracted and rested in Polish Oak casks for several months to give it extra depth and a fuller bouquet. Finally, the essence is blended with pure Polish rye vodka, to create the signature sweet and aromatic Zubrowka flavour, with rich notes of vanilla, almonds and coconut.


Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka is the world’s best known Polish vodka, with more than 500 years of tradition and history. Żubrówka’s exceptional and natural character is emphasized by a bison grass blade placed in every bottle. Each blade of bison grass is hand-picked and dried under natural conditions. This makes each bottle of Żubrówka outstanding.