Naked Grouse

Why Naked I hear you say? Convention said Blended Malt matured and got its flavour from pre used Bourbon casks often used again and again. This got us thinking, what if we broke a few rules and used the best of Sherry casks? These casks have never held Whisky, therefore they are first-fill Sherry casks, Naked Casks we call them. It didn’t just work, it was a joyful exuberance of flavour, that changed the possibilities of whisky enjoyment. So hats off (and everything off) to Naked Grouse, for taking a liberating leap into the unknown. Made for when you’re celebrating that liberating moment of release, that exhilarating moment when you can get back to the real you, the Naked you…


Not just a blend of any old malts, we nose, sample and basically interrogate thousands of hopeful casks from all over Scotland. What we are looking for are casks that have the strength of character to get the most out of what we have in mind for them. Cask strength is not just measured by alcohol but character too. Malts like Highland Park, Glenturret and The Macallan, stars in their own right. Which is a bit unusual. The chosen Malts are first meticulously blended and then poured into what we call our Naked casks. Naked because it is their first time filled with whisky. They haven’t been just doing nothing, as they have been holding sherry, and the sort of sherry that has the character to match up to the malts. Rich dark sweet Oloroso sherry that lingers long in the fibres of the wood long after the liquid has gone.