The Busker

The Busker is a “new to world” Irish Whiskey that is born out of a modern Ireland, where the contemporary and bold meet at the crossroads of tradition. While The Busker honors its Irish heritage, it encourages you to go beyond the limitations and lines of history and write a new story.

The Busker is for the wanderers… The characters that always have a story to share… This one is perfect for those who are flavor-curious, eager for inspiration, and a quality Irish whiskey like no other.

The Royal Oak Distillery is the home of The Busker Irish Whiskey where we distill all three styles of Irish whiskey – pot still, malt and grain – under one roof.

Carefully crafting an independent path to an authentic and high-quality Irish whiskey, The Busker balances tradition with innovative and modern techniques. At Royal Oak Distillery we use different casks during the maturation process of ours The Busker whiskeys including bourbon casks, sherry casks, and marsala casks.

A major point of differentiation for The Busker Irish Whiskey takes place during the aging process where the blend, Triple Cask Triple Smooth, and Single Grain expressions mature in rare and selected Cantine Florio (1833) Sicilian Marsala wine casks.


The Busker Triple Cask Triple Smooth is an extraordinary Blend made with a high-quality Single Grain and a very high percentage of Single Malt and Single Pot Still. It is a beautifully yellow gold-colored whiskey with an unmistakable rich body. The nose often leads off with tropical fruits and vanilla notes. The journey continues with notes of malt, sweetness, and dark chocolate, while more subtle notes of toffee fudge and cinnamon, add intensity. The whiskey concludes with a mellow, well-balanced, sweet finish.

Tasting notes

Yellow gold

Full, rich body, tropical fruits and vanilla notes.

Medium intensity, malt, sweetness and dark chocolate. Notes of toffee fugde and cinnamon.

Mellow, well balanced, sweet finish.






The Busker Pot Still is a distinctive expression of Ireland with an exceptional character. Made from barley the traditional way in copper stills, then matured and finished in ex-bourbon and sherry casks, it opens with a rich and complex bouquet, consisting of fresh flowers, honey, oak, fudge, and clove oil. Taste buds kick off with some beautiful intense spices and peppery notes, balanced splendidly with some toffee as we reach a long, warm, rich spicy finish.

Tasting notes

Burnished copper

Rich, complex, perfumed, fresh flowers, honey, oak, fudge, clove oil.

Deep and intense rich spiceness with peppery notes and hints of vanilla and toffee fudge.

Very long, warm, rich spicy finish.





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