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Dec 12, 2018
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Recently the Spirits Platform team gave six of their customers are rare opportunity to visit the new Chartreuse Distillery which opened in August 2018, an opportunity that is not available to the general public.

Matteo Fabbris, Chartreuse Brand Manager, Australia along with Brady Hixson, BDM Gold Coast accompanied Timothy Martin from Sin City Gold Coast, Zachary Matassoni from Storyville Melbourne, Caitlin Bombell from Garden State Hotel, Heather Bishop from Little Pub On Hindley Adelaide and Murphy Edward from Hubert Restaurant, Sydney on a trip to discover more and attend workshop at Chartreuse.

Their trip entailed a guided tour of the new Carthusian distillery in Aiguenoire by Bertrand De Neve, Head of the distillery. This was followed by a VIP guided tour of Old Chartreuse cellars in Voiron and an extensive liqueur tasting. The team spent an entire day in Chartreuse mountains, visiting the Correrie museum and walk up to the Chartreuse Monastery.

Hiking to the Charmant Som summit (1 hour and a half walk), where they all enjoyed a scenic view of the Monastery. This was followed by more tastings in Voiron and a departing picnic lunch at the Chartreuse cellars.

We asked our customers what they thought of their Chartreuse trip and here’s what some of them had to say.

What was your personal highlight of the trip?

It’s hard to pick just one! Chartreuse ice cream?! The monastery and the hike. The tasting with Phillipe, dinner with Emmanuel, and being on the road with Laurence and Matthieu. On that note, the whole Chartreuse team! What a bunch of legends. – Caitlin Bombell

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the whole trip! What an eye-opener. If I had to pick one, it would be seeing the monastery, learning the history, beliefs and tradition of the monks and how they lived. Loved how even in today world the monk’s tradition in the making process of Chartreuse still being upheld and kept. – Heather Bishop

Being in the cellar, the Monastery, and trying the 1978 Green Chartreuse. – Zachary Matassoni

What is the one thing about the trip that totally surprised you?

How much food I can consumer before I successfully climb a mountain. But seriously, I was impressed at how closely and respectfully the distribution side of the business with the Monks is conducted in order to maintain the integrity of the product. It is without a doubt one of my favourite things about the brand. – Caitlin Bombell

The respect of tradition, history behind Chartreuse and a lot of the sights we were shown (the monastery and old monastery which was turned into a museum). Was like being in a time warp and stepping back in time. – Heather Bishop

How secretive the recipe is! – Zachary Matassoni

What did you learn about Chartreuse that you didn’t already know?

Plenty! A lot about the Monks way of life and how Saint Bruno got the whole order going, the trip to the museum was a great learning tool for that I really enjoyed. I also now know that I should drink Chartreuse with ginger beer far more often. – Caitlin Bombell

A LOT! The secret recipe of 130 herbs that are sourced all over the world, the history of the monks and traditions and passed down knowledge used to make the liqueur. – Heather Bishop

Learning about the Monks and their dedication to prayer and their craft.  The fact that it took them 135 years to turn the manuscript into the Elixir. – Zachary Matassoni

What would you recommend others do and see or taste at the distillery?

All of it! Spend some time with the barrels to get a sense of how much history is in that room. Talk to the team, they are so knowledgeable and passionate. Taste the Chartreuse, all of it! – Caitlin Bombell

Everything! What has made the most impact on me on the trip and since the trip is the smell at the Chartreuse distillery. Now when I have a glass of Chartreuse I find myself smelling it (repeatedly) which brings back memories of the sweet, unique delicious smell I smelt at the distillery. – Heather Bishop

Elixir Vegetal, aged Chartreuse and the V.E.P. – Zachary Matassoni

Describe your Chartreuse distillery experience in one word

Enriching – Caitlin Bombell

Eye-opener – Heather Bishop

Astounding – Zachary Matassoni

Matteo Fabbris summed up the trip stating that “if there was a heritage list of distilleries and liqueurs, Chartreuse would be at the very top!”


Chartreuse offers guided tours of the Chartreuse Cellars in Voiron, where you can smell the aromas of the 130 vegetal species, discover the longest liqueur cellar in the world and enjoy a unique tasting!


Located in the most beautiful section of the Chartreuse mountain range, this Museum – housed in a 12th century building – was once part of the Monastery and was the home of the Chartreuse Brothers from the 12th to the 17th century.

For more info on Chartreuse Tours click here.

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