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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, also known as CSR, is the concept that a business has a responsibility to do good. CSR means that a company should self-regulate its actions and be socially accountable to its customers, stakeholders, and the world at large. There are four areas of CSR.

Environmental Responsibility

For companies committed to CSR, it’s important for businesses to engage in environmentally friendly practices. Corporations can be significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, waste, and natural resource depletion—but by committing to environmental responsibility, a business takes ownership over its impact on the environment. At Spirits Platform we are continuously looking at how we can improve our carbon footprint.

Ethical Responsibility

Being ethically responsible means ensuring a business engages in fair business practices across the board—including treating all employees, stakeholders, and customers ethically and with respect. Spirits Platform is committed to doing business in an ethically responsible way.

Philanthropic Responsibility

In today’s world, it’s almost expected for businesses to give back to the communities they exist in and donate to causes that align with their company mission. When businesses do this, they’re following through with their philanthropic responsibility. Spirits Platform is a big believer in giving back and we donate to worthy causes as well as give back to our own employees in various ways.

Economic Responsibility

When a business is acting with economic responsibility in mind, it is making financial decisions that prioritize doing good, not just making more money. This means that this type of CSR is intertwined with the other types above. Our objective is to become a carbon-neutral business by 2030. This would involve all business functions and be completed in two stages.

Stage One

By September 2023 we plan to build a reporting system to measure the CO2 footprint and implement reduction strategies; educating people on climate change and how to operate in a carbon neutral manner.

Stage Two

We are implementing initiatives such as funding tree-planting to offset CO2 emissions produced by our business; things like company cars moving to electric vehicles by 2030, recharged from carbon neutral sources, with stations available at our Head Office.

We are also committed to partnering with our brand principals in being socially, environmentally, philanthropically, and economically responsible.

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Responsible Drinking

While Spirits Platform believes that most people drink sensibly, enjoyably and safely, we play an active part in ensuring that our consumers are aware of the benefits of moderate consumption and the risk to health and society from excess or inappropriate consumption.

We take our responsibility to our consumers and staff seriously and have clear policies for the advertising, marketing, and promotion of our brands.

In Australia, Spirits Platform adheres to the marketing of brands under the guidelines established by the Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) and supported by Spirits and Cocktails Australia.

Advertising and Promotions

All advertising and promotional material will adhere to applicable laws and regulations. No misleading information about our products will be allowed. The nature of our advertising will always be in good taste and decency as vetoed by the relevant regulatory bodies. All promotions will be conducted under applicable laws and regulations.

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