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In 1886, the entrepreneurial Paul-Emile Rémy Martin set up a distillery to produce high-quality eaux-de-vie and brandy in the heart of the Loire Valley in France. Bringing his brandy-making expertise from his Cognac house, the St-Rémy, originally sold as Fine St-Rémy, was an immediate success in France.

In the 1920s, St-Rémy began to be exported to the rest Europe, followed by North America, then South-East Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The world’s favourite and most prestigious French brandy, St-Rémy is prized by connoisseurs and critics alike since 1886.

St-Rémy won several prestigious awards and accolades from critics and industry professionals over the last 20 years.


The recipe to this fine brandy has been passed down from generation to generation for 130 years. Kept a closely-guarded secret, it is known only to their dedicated Master Blenders, well protected in its iconic black bottle. Treasured for its aromatic style, St-Rémy is recognised as the world’s favourite French brandy.

First, the highest-quality red and white grapes are selected from the finest French vineyards and turned into wine. The variety of vines and terroirs is what gives St-Rémy its characteristic smoothness and complexity.

The wine is then distilled using traditional continuous copper-column distillation before being aged in small French oak barrels.

Finally, it is blended by the St-Rémy master blender, before being bottled in the Loire valley and shipped around the world.

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