Los Siete Misterios

Oaxaca, Mexico

Eduardo and Julio spent years sampling Mezcal from villages across Oaxaca. They met local Maestros Mezcaleros who use traditional techniques honed over generations.  In an effort to preserve this ancestral knowledge, Eduardo and Julio teamed up with Maestro Mezcaleros to collaborate on a contemporary approach to traditional Mezcal.

Los Siete Misterios has a 5-acre Agave nursery with over 11 different Agave species and over 5,000 plants. This nursery helps document Agave growth processes in order to ensure sustainable harvesting practices and was one of the first to do so in 2015. Misterios uses this land to harvest its plants once they are a healthy size, allowing them to seed and give seeds and plants to Maestro Mezcaleros in their network. This way, Agave consumption is both sustainable and community-centered. They also installed a biodigester to solve the issue of vinaza (distillation waste). They deposit their vinaza through a biodigestor that transforms the vinaza into biogas, an energy source, and fertilizer. They currently use the biogas in their kitchen and are working to use it in their distillery, creating renewable energy from any waste created. They also use the fertilizer in their Agave fields to provide the soil with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and other minerals necessary for the plants to grow.


Beginning with the highest quality Agave plants, Los Siete Misterios follows artesanal and limited production methods including:

Distilling with 100% natural Agave sugars from ripe plants
Cooking in underground ovens
Milling with wooden mallets or a Tahona horse
Fermenting naturally
Distilling at least twice

This allows Los Siete Misterios to pursue their goal of respecting Mezcal traditions and customs while supporting local Mexican workers.

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