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The Busker is a “new to world” Irish Whiskey that is born out of a modern Ireland, where the contemporary and bold meet at the crossroads of tradition. While The Busker honors its Irish heritage, it encourages you to go beyond the limitations and lines of history and write a new story.

The Busker is for the wanderers… The characters that always have a story to share… This one is perfect for those who are flavor-curious, eager for inspiration, and a quality Irish whiskey like no other.

The Royal Oak Distillery is a world-class distillery producing hand-crafted Irish whiskey, proudly located on an 18th-century estate in Ireland’s Ancient East region.


The Royal Oak Distillery is the home of The Busker Irish Whiskey where all three styles of Irish whiskey are distilled – pot still, malt and grain – under one roof.

The barley, malt, maize and other ingredients are all sourced locally. Even the water comes from a local natural barrel aquifer 70 metres deep.

To make the whiskies, first the barley is milled then it enters the mash tun, where it is combined with hot water. As the enzymes and the starch begin to react and yeast, a wonderful sugary wort is produced.

The wort is then moved to a fermentation tank and left to cool. Once it reaches the right temperature, yeast is added and the fermentation of sugars into alcohol begins. The resulting alcoholic liquid, known as the wash, moves to Steelhouse, which contains both column stills for grain whiskey, and pot stills. The Busker Whiskies undergo three distillations.

First, the fermented barley goes into the wash still. As the fermented barley heats up, the alcohol rises and moves along the neck. This first part, known as the ‘heads’, is removed and moved to the intermediate, or faint still. The process is repeated, with the alcohol cut again to move the best part to the final still.

The final distillation is where the finest, most exceptional spirit is cut to become The Busker Irish Whiskey and ready to be aged.

What makes The Busker stand out from other Irish Whiskies is the ageing process. Different casks, including bourbon casks, sherry casks, and marsala casks, contribute to the unique flavour of these exceptional whiskies.


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