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Vermouth is the ultimate in Italian excellence. From New York to Singapore, the best bartenders in the world are offering their clientele a true symbol of the finest Italian tradition. An aromatized wine first created in the late 18th century in the Court of Savoy, vermouth instantly became a must-have for the European aristocracy. Its name derives from the German word Wermut the term used to indicate wormwood, the botanical that has characterized this product since the beginning.

The story of Rosso Antico is closely linked to the history of the Buton family of distillers, the official purveyors of the Imperial Household in the court of Napoleon I.

In 1820 Jean Buton moved to Bologna where he founded the first Italian steam distillery, J Buton & C. So important is this year to the legacy of Rosso Antico that today the elegant glass bottle remains embossed with 1820. In 1962 the legacy of the J Buton Distillery gave rise to the creation of Rosso Antico, a wine-based aperitif with a distinct flavor and iconic bottle.


Rosso Antico is made with a carefully selected blend of white wines and 33 botanicals. The botanicals are stored whole until production to ensure their aromatic characteristics are perfectly preserved.

The botanicals are then processed with the classic extraction methods of blending and boiling.

Three types of Wormwood – Absinthium, Pontica and Vulgaris – are used, giving the liquid its unmistakable taste and pleasantly balanced bitter notes.

Rosso Antico’s signature floral notes are thanks to Ireos Florentina, one of the finest varieties of Iris. The Iris is processed using the traditional artisanal techniques of the original recipe. This both conserves and enhances the properties and aromatic elements of the flower.

The secret of Rosso Antico is owed not only to the masterful blending of the ingredients. It is also due to the high level of attention to detail in every step of the production process.

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