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For centuries, single malt whiskey has been considered solely the domain of Scotland. However, newcomers have been proving that great single malts can be made outside the borders of Scotland.

From Japan to India, Taiwan to New Zealand, regions from all over the world have been exploring the single malt, making whiskies that express the character of their own terroirs.

Westland is doing just that in America—producing single malts that honour tradition whilst offering something new and worthwhile at the same time. Where bourbon has reigned supreme for generations, Westland is leading the way with an entirely new category of single malt whiskey, one that is distinctly American.


Adopting the same basic raw materials and process of traditional whiskey-making from the Old World, Westland Distillery produces unique single malt whiskeys that reflect the distinct qualities of time, place and culture in the Pacific Northwest.

The three expressions in the core range of Westland American Single Malt Whiskeys each exhibit the fundamental intention of their house style: a balanced, barley-forward whiskey that honours tradition but also moves it forward in a new way.

Westland core expressions are all made from 100% malted barley, fermented with a unique Belgian Saison brewer’s yeast and matured in a variety of cask types—leading to new and distinctly American flavour profiles. From that starting point, each expression offers a variation of a house style that departs from expected conventions of single malt whiskey in their own way.


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