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The recorded history of Limoncello started at the end of the nineteenth century where lemon liqueur was present on the tables of local Italian families, used as an aperitif or digestive. Each family in the region has its own unique recipe and blending techniques for producing Limoncello, and the Massa family is no exception.

The Massa family’s traditional recipe dates back to 1890 and was made using fruits grown in the family lemon grove. In 1991, brothers Sergio and Stefano Massa founded the Villa Massa company to make this liqueur accessible to everyone, while still remaining true to the best tradition of the Limoncello of Sorrento.


Carefully handpicked Sorrento lemons are peeled with great care, ensuring the delicate layer of peel captures only the zest.

The peels are then steeped in alcohol in a cold maceration process to extract the precious lemon essential oils.

Finally, the lemon-peel infusion is filtered several times before being mixed with a filtered syrup of sugar and water.

Villa Massa Products

John Smith

President, CEO, and Executive Board Member

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