Vermouth is a fortified wine with botanicals and spices. Sweet or red (rosso) vermouth originates from Italy, while white (dry) vermouth first appeared in France.


Vermouth is a fortified wine, invented in Piedmont in 1786 by Antonio Carpano. It must be made with at least 75% of white wine sweetened and flavored. Min abv 15.5% max abv 22%.
The minimum sugar content is 14gr/100ml for sweet and white vermouth and the minimum sugar content is 12gr/100ml for dry. Spices and herbs commonly used are wormwood, chamomile, star anise, cinnamon, gentian, cloves, saffron, and coriander. The most popular vermouth varietals are Sweet, Dry, Bianco.


Herbs, spices and botanicals are macerated in the base wine and left to steep as the alcohol extracts the flavours. Sometimes the wine is then aged for a short time. Next alcohol is added to fortify the wine, this is usually a neutral grape spirit. And for sweet vermouths, sugar syrup is added before it is fortified. The colour of red vermouths can come from botanicals, red wine, or sometimes from caramel colouring. Rose-colored vermouth uses red and white wines as a base.

Vermouths are usually bottled at between 16% and 18% ABV.


Dry Vermouth (Vermouth Blanco)
Usually clear or very pale yellow in colour and less sweet than Vermouth Rosso. Typically French in origin and often used in martinis.

Sweet Red Vermouth (Vermouth Rosso)
Italian Red Vermouth has a much sweeter profile and can contain up to 15% sugar. Its red colour comes from red wine, botanicals or colouring.



Vermouth originates from an aromatized wine first created in the late 18th century in the Court of Savoy.

The Buton family of distillers, official purveyors of the Imperial Household in the court of Napoleon I, are closely linked to the history of vermouth in Italy.

In 1820 Jean Buton moved to Bologna where he founded the first Italian steam distillery, J Buton & Co, and Rosso Antico vermouth was born.

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