The Famous Grouse

EST. 1824

Scotland’s favourite whisky was created in 1896 by Matthew Gloag, whose signature is still printed on every bottle of The Famous Grouse sold today. Over the years, generations of the Gloag family have worked with expert blenders, stillmen, coopers, merchants and retailers to make the whisky Famous. Famous Grouse whisky is more than the sum of its parts. But each of those parts has to be the best.

Grain, water, seasoned casks and skilled hands – they’re all vital ingredients in the blend. For generations, the distillery have been working their suppliers – farmers, maltsters, merchants and others – and all share a commitment to absolute quality.


A dedicated team of experts carefully selects the oak for Famous Grouse’s hand-crafted oak casks. The high quality oak delivers subtle shades of flavour and the distinctive personality of the whisky. As the blend matures, the wood selection allows unique flavours to develop, such as toasted undertones, brighter fruity notes or something a little sweeter.

It takes time for good flavour to develop, which is why the marrying process of Famous Grouse can take weeks. The famous blend of quality single malts and fine grain whisky can takes weeks and is always a considerate introduction process. This allows ample time for the elements to achieve a balanced fusion without the need for harsh filtration, preserving the whisky’s round smooth flavour.

Every cask is ‘nosed’ by the Master Blender before being bottled, ensuring the consistent quality of the Famous flavour you have been waiting for.

The Famous Grouse Products

John Smith

President, CEO, and Executive Board Member

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