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The origins of Zucca Rabarbaro date to 1845, when a homeopathic doctor blended the ingredients for the wife of Ettore Zucca. The special infusion of rhubarb medicinal herbs was to aid her poor digestion.

Ettore, who was rather captivated by the distinctive taste of the tincture, decided to add alcohol, and thus Zucca Rabarbaro was born. Enjoyed initially as a homemade spirit, it later went on to become the signature liquor of Milan’s distinguished society.

Now the original recipe has been reprised, and Zucca Rabarbaro re-launched with a revitalized flavour and more potent kick at 30% ABV.

The resurrected formula has a sweet, medicinal aroma and is brightly bitter up front. Thick molasses flavours melt into a lightly smoky sweetness and a pleasingly spiced finish.

The result is a delicate, unusual drink, which has gained popularity amongst the aperitif experts. The boosted alcohol content makes it an easy sub for a cocktail base spirit.



The key ingredient in Zucca Rarbarbaro is true ‘chinese rhubarb’, known as Rabarbaro, which only grows in the mountainous regions of Kansu province.

To make Zucca Rarbarbaro, the rhubarb rootstocks are infused along with a secret selection of rare herbs, creating an appealingly delicate flavour.


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