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Spyros Metaxa built his first distillery in 1888 in Piraeus, in the port of Athens. Coming from a family of silk merchants, he was an adventurer and a man of taste. As he travelled around the world, he discovered many different spirits and wines.

However, he found that spirit alcohols of the time often tended to be harsh on the palate and with no great aroma or character. So, he began to imagine crafting a unique spirit that was as smooth as it was intense. A spirit that would journey through the senses.

In 1888 Spyros Metaxa creates METAXA, the Original Greek Spirit, and this unique one-of-a-kind amber spirit is soon being exported around the Mediterranean.


METAXA’S entire production process takes place under the careful supervision of Master Blender Konstantinos Raptis. A blend of Savatiano, Sultanina, and Black Corinth grapes are employed in its production. The result is twice distilled to 60% ABV using traditional copper pot stills and then blended with aged muscat wine from Samos and Lemnos.

A unique blend of botanicals and rose petals impart their flavours through a special steeping process, after which the spirit is married in limousine oak casks to rest. When Master Blender Raptis has determined the spirit is ready, it is brought to -6°C for 48 hours, filtered and bottled.

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