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Spain’s most famous liqueur, Licor 43, is made from a secret 70-year-old family recipe of 43 natural ingredients including selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals. First released in 1946, Licor 43 is produced in its original home of Cartagena in south-eastern Spain: in fact, this is still the only place that Licor 43 is ever produced.

Legend tells that Licor 43 is inspired by the ‘Liqvor Mirabilis’ discovered by the Romans when they conquered Carthago Nova in 209 BC.  On arrival, the invaders banned the production and consumption of this golden, herbal elixir infused with local fruits and herbs… but luckily for us, the Carthaginians continued to consume it in secret.

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Licor 43 infuses ripe citrus fruit with 43 selected botanicals and spices. The infusion is then macerated in a mixture of alcohol, water and sugars, allowing it to steep and release flavours and essential oils. Once the flavour has been achieved, the macerate is aged from 6 to 9 months to allow the flavours to further mellow and harmonise, leading to that great citrus taste.

Licor 43 is known for its citrus, vanilla taste, with underlying notes of spice and is commonly used in cocktails such as the Espresso 433 and mini beer shot. Licor 43 also pairs well with coconut flavours, making it the perfect addition to a Pina Colada.

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