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For more than three centuries, Mount Gay has perpetuated a long-standing Barbadian tradition, producing the world’s oldest rum. Only the finest sugar cane molasses and pure water filtered through the coral heart of the island are selected to create Mount Gay rums. The distillery name honours the pioneering Sir John Gay who perfected the distinctive Mount Gay style. All Mount Gay rums are made from a blend of single column and double copper pot distillates and matured in toasted oak barrels.

The original Mount Gay distillery, located at the top of Mount Gilboa in the St. Lucy parish of Barbados, was inherited by a John Sober back in 1703. The small distillery, far back in 1703. Eventually, the Sober family hired Sir John Gay Alleyne – a fourth generation Barbadian – to usher in a new era for the distillery. His innovations and achievements were so profoundly successful that the Sober family renamed the entire distillery in his honour. And the world became introduced to a new name with a pedigree of excellence and craftsmanship, Mount Gay.

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At the heart of Mount Gay is the purest Barbadian water, filtered through coral caverns hundreds of feet below and drawn from a centuries’ old well. The coral-filtered water combined with the finest hand-selected Barbadian and Caribbean sugar cane molasses is exposed to open-air yeast married with the Mount Gay proprietary heirloom strain to create the wash.

The initial open-air fermentation, used for pot still distillation, exposes the molasses and water to the Bajan atmosphere. As the breezes carry native yeasts into the mix, it creates a completely unique aromatic profile. The closed fermentation, used for column distillation, involves the addition of a proprietary strain of heirloom yeast, developed over centuries by our rum makers. During fermentation, the sugars from the molasses are converted into alcohol by the yeast.

300 years of rum making and a special combination of copper pot and column stills create the unique flavours of Mount Gay rums. The pot still produces intense aromatics and flavour from double distillation, while the column still produces a rum that is markedly smooth in taste and character.

In a process measured by flavour, not time, Master Blender Trudiann Branker, Mount Gay’s first female master blender, applies her palate, expertise and passion for rum.

Once blended, the rums are aged in American Whiskey, Bourbon & Cognac casks, creating a rum of the quality and legacy of rum that can only be Mount Gay.


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