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Martin Miller’s Gin was born in a small establishment in Notting Hill, London in 1998. Appalled by the lack of quality gin at that time, Martin Miller and two friends decided to create the best gin possible.

Wanting to encourage a younger group of consumers into the gin fold, they set off on a quest to create the best gin possible – no matter the cost or the time it took. With virtually no prior knowledge, they went back to the roots and origins of the drink, learning how to craft the finest, authentic gin.


Martin Miller’s Gin is made according to the traditional “London dry gin” style, but pioneering the process of two separate pot distillations, one for juniper and botanical herbal elements, and a second separate distillation for the citrus elements, orange peel, lime, and lemon giving the gin a unique balance of citrus and juniper.

After some experimentation, it turned out that the best combination was by distilling the best citrus and earthy botanicals separately and retaining only the heart of those two distillates.

Next, Martin Miller’s Gin makes a 3,000-mile boat trip to Iceland, to mix with the purest water of the Arctic, achieving the purity and softness that characterizes the soul of the gin. Martin Miller’s Gin is a unique spirit born of nonconformity, the desire to excel, and the pursuit of excellence.

Icelandic water comes from snow which fell over 800 years ago. As the ice melts, it is filtered through hundreds of meters of volcanic rock, finally accumulating in deep underground aquifers. The magical area of Grábrók, in the west of Iceland, near Borgarnes, is where this purest and liveliest water is drawn for Martin Miller’s Gin.

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