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The House of Rémy Martin was founded in 1724 as a negociant for fine eaux-de-vie in the Cognac region by Rémy Martin, a local farmer, and winegrower. As early as 1738, King of France Louis XV recognised the exceptional quality of Rémy Martin Cognac and granted a special dispensation to allow the House to plant vines on land usually reserved for cereals.

Rémy Martin continued to draw acclaim for their excellent cognac over the centuries, with the now iconic centaur logo being chosen in 1870 to help illiterate dock-workers to differentiate the barrels. Being one of the largest negociant cognac houses, Rémy Martin maintains close business relationships with the growers in the two premier crus: Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne, specialising in Fine Champagne Cognac since 1948.

Despite their status as negociant, Rémy Martin still retains ownership of vineyards in Grand Champagne – 240ha in total. The vines there supply only 4% of the company’s needs but are used to demonstrate how to grow the grapes and for horticultural experimentation. 95% of Rémy Martin Cognacs are made from Ugni Blanc grapes, with the remainder being a combination of Colombard and Folle Blanche.



Rémy Martin is the only major house to specialise in Fine Champagne Cognac. As a negociant, all of the unaged eaux-de-vie are purchased only after thorough screening by chef de cave, Baptiste Loiseau. Strict stipulations are made as to the size of the stills used by producers – 2500L – as well as the inclusion of the lees from fermentation in the distillation process.

The eaux-de-vie are then set down in French limousin oak exclusively to slowly mature in the cellars of the Rémy Martin estate. Loiseau’s apprenticeship honing his craft under previous chef de cave, Pierrette Trichet, is demonstrated in his keen ability to select cognacs achieving the unique profile comprising Rémy Martin’s signature style, blending them together to comprise a complex whole, much as a composer assembles an orchestra. Rémy Martin presently has over 200,000 barrels ageing in over 50 chai (warehouses).

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