Passoa Martini

Passoa Martini

Making London’s most popular cocktail is surprisingly easy. 


30mL Passoã Passionfruit Liqueur
30mL Vodka
10mL Licor 43
20mL Lime juice
30mL Prosecco (Sparkling Wine)
½ fresh passionfruit


Pour Passoã Passionfruit Liqueur, vodka, Licor 43, lime juice, fresh passionfruit & ice into a shaker. Shake well and fine strain into a chilled Coupette glass. Garnish with ½ Passionfruit shell floating in the cocktail. Serve with a shot of Prosecco (Sparkling wine) on the side.

Bartender’s Tip:

Sip on the Prosecco as you enjoy the cocktail.