The Original Greek Spirit

Since 1888, the House of Metaxa is on a journey to offer a one-of-a-kind amber spirit.METAXA is the unique balance of aged wine distillates with Muscat wines of Samos and Mediterranean botanicals for an intense smoothness. For 25 years, the art of making METAXA has been only entrusted in the hands of Constantinos Raptis, the fifth Metaxa Master since the creation of the House.

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Dark honey in color, it offers flowery aromas and soft slightly woody flavours. METAXA 5 Stars’ floral and versatile character is best explored neat, on ice or in long drinks.


Old gold in color, it reveals delicate fruity aromas, followed by full, balanced flavours. METAXA 7 Stars’ fruity and generous character is best explored neat, on ice or in cocktails.


The unique style of METAXA 12 Stars is an expression of exceptional craftsmanship. The radiant amber spirit invites you to explore the depth of its character and elegant nature. Subtle fragrant notes of toasted oak wood, fruits and spices, are the concentrated aromatic first impression that tingles the senses. METAXA 12 Stars’ mature and distinctive character is best explored neat or on a single rock.

METAXA 12 Stars, don’t drink it, explore it.


To create this exceptional spirit, Metaxa Master Constantinos Raptis selects Muscat wines that have aged the most beautifully, having preserved both the freshness of their youth and the complexity of their maturity, and blends them with exquisite wine distillates matured in oak casks for decades in the Metaxa cellars. He makes a single batch of Metaxa Private Reserve per year, and at that particular moment, selects the ingredients that are at their absolute peak. Metaxa Private Reserve displays a glorious amber colour and delicate aromas of vanilla, dried fruits and spices, followed by full flavours of oak and toffee with a long fi­nish. Savour Metaxa Private Reserve neat or with ice.