St Remy

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With 130 years of brand history, the St-Rémy original distillery was established in France in 1886 in the tiny village of Machecoul near Nantes, an ancient vineyard town which had been growing quality wines for centuries.

The brandy was immediately successful in France and began to be exported to the rest of Europe in the 1920’s. As St-Rémy Brandy became readily available throughout the world, the essence of this unique and authentic French Brandy has remained unchanged for over a century.

Originally sold as Fine St-Rémy, it was launched as Napoleon VSOP in 1980 and St-Rémy XO in 1990. At the start of the 21st century,  St-Rémy Authentic VSOP and St-Rémy Authentic XO were launched to flawlessly express the authenticity of the French brand and its loyalty to its roots.

St-Rémy has become highly appreciated by true spirits connoisseurs and is a best-seller on five continents, making it the world’s favourite French brandy.

St-Rémy Brandy VSOP Bottle


Smooth and versatile, St-Rémy VSOP is the perfect introduction to the unique and consistent style of the House. This special blend is an old time classic. It’s a brandy for everyday enjoyment, at home and in bars. Best enjoyed chilled in long drinks or hot with coffee.

St-Rémy Brandy VSOP Bottle


A brandy of character. Slower distillation and careful ageing bring St-Rémy XO its elegant complexity. The award-winning blend is the irresistible choice for all brandy connoisseurs.
Experience moments of refinement and indulgence, whether at home or in a bar. Its distinct character and complex aromas can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed with cocktails.