Finsbury Platinum Gin

Finsbury Platinum is a London Dry Gin still made to a 250-year-old secret recipe at the distillery founded in London by Joseph Bishop in 1740. Finsbury is distilled in elegant John Dore copper pot stills using a unique mix of botanicals that includes exotic fruits and a host of herbs and spices. The distillation method has been handed down since the 18th century and Finsbury is a wonderful representation of the London Dry style. It is a restrained, particularly refined style of gin and adapts well to highballs or cocktails.


Finsbury Platinum is a special London Dry Gin that lends an extraordinary character to the most sophisticated cocktails. Made to a secret recipe that has been closely guarded since 1740, Finsbury 47% is distilled six times from the very best grain. The reason for its high alcohol content: The aromas of juniper berries develop particularly intensively at 47% vol. – as do the aromas of the exotic fruits and finest herbs that are also carefully integrated into the Finsbury Gin production process. The complex single-batch distillation process also delivers balance and perfection.