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Martin Miller’s Gin was born in a small establishment in Notting Hill, London in 1998 where Martin Miller and two friends decided to create the best gin possible, sparing no expense. Mr Martin Miller dreamed of creating a unique gin, no matter the money, time or effort invested. Martin Miller’s Gin is made according to the traditional “London dry gin” style, but pioneering the process of  two separate pot distillations, one for juniper and botanical herbal elements, and second separate distillation from the citrus elements, orange peel, lime and lemon giving the gin a unique  balance of citrus and juniper. After distillation, Martin Miller’s Gin makes a 3,000-mile boat trip to Iceland, to mix with the purest water of the Arctic, achieving the purity and softness that characterizes the soul of our gin. Martin Miller’s Gin is a unique spirit born of nonconformity, the desire to excel and the pursuit of excellence.

Martin Miller's Original Gin Bottle

Martin Miller’s Gin

Martin Miller’s Gin was created in 1999 by gin lover Martin Miller and his two friends, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh. In creating his gin, the traditionalist in Martin Miller demanded he makes a gin that ‘tasted of gin’ and not, in his words, ‘of some highly flavoured confection’. To this end he insisted on only employing the methods and techniques of the ‘traditional’ gin makers; sticking rigidly to their tried and tested methods and their classic range of botanicals. Martin Miller’s Gin is distilled in England in pot still using two separate distillations which imparts a unique balance of citrus and juniper. It is blended to a bottling strength of 40% ABV with Icelandic Springwater. It is this water which gives Martin Miller’s Gin its gentle bouquet and trademark softness.

Martin Miller's Westbourne Gin Bottle

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Dry Gin

Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength was first launched in 2003, its name derived from the location of Martin’s residences in Westbourne Strength Grove in London and was where the brand was conceived. Westbourne Strength was created as a response to requests by ‘mixologists’ for a version of Martin Miller’s Gin that would give a more ‘old school’ authenticity to their classic repertoire of cocktails and help them create more complex, fully flavoured inventions. Westbourne Strength’s flavour profile has emphasis on the spicier, peppery notes of cassia and nutmeg along with a higher strength. From its launch it has enjoyed an underground cult status as the bartender’s favourite and became a closely guarded secret among the bar fraternity.