Cointreau’s history began in 1849 when brothers Edouard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau, skilled confectioners, began to produce liqueurs using local fruits at their distillery in Angers, France. In 1875 Edouard, son of Edouard-Jean created the distinct squared bottle to house their signature liqueur – an orange liqueur of unparalleled excellence.

With improvements in rail and shipping, at the turn of the 20th century, Cointreau began to be asked for around the globe, with the company’s long-running slogan: la marque mondial (the ‘world-wide brand’) being coined in 1923.

Since then Cointreau’s association with high art and fashion in Europe and use in a myriad of classic cocktails have seen it rise to become an indispensable product in any respectable establishment’s repertoire.

Cointreau at its inception was so unique that it literally created a new category of liqueurs referred to as ‘triple sec’. Translating to ‘triple dry’, it is a variety of orange liqueur that actually tends towards a sweet taste in the addition of sugar.

Edouard-Jean created triple sec but could not copyright the name under French law as they were generic words. Soon many others copied the name and product, and so to differentiate their unique, quality liqueur the Cointreau brothers switched from using ‘triple sec’ to ‘Cointreau’.

Cointreau is produced from both sweet and bitter orange peels sourced from the four corners of the world; the Americas to Asia, Western Africa to the Mediterranean. Firstly the peels are dried and combined with alcohol, sugar, and water. The resulting macerate is then redistilled in unique copper stills to 40% before boiling.

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Perfectly transparent, Cointreau is simply unsurpassed for aromatics and has a high oranges peels essences concentration. It’s your must-have spirit for the irresistible Cointreau Fizz cocktail, or for other classic cocktails icons including the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Sidecar, and White Lady. Cointreau is distilled and crafted in Angers, France using century-old methods to capture the most intense essences from sweet and bitter orange peels. An incomparable balance of zesty, fruity, floral, and spicy notes, with a sublime, long and fresh finish.

Tasting notes

Cointreau is perfectly colorless and characterized by its total transparency and remarkable brightness. The opalescence is the proof of the high oranges peel essences concentration.

It releases pronounced aromas which are both refined and complex; the result of a marriage of zesty bitter oranges notes combined with the freshness of lemon and 7 vegetal notes with a hint of nutmeg and cardamom. These are followed by the fruity, rounded, soft notes of sweet oranges with a touch of candied fruit and vanilla.

Silky, almost creamy on the palate, with beautifully-balanced notes of orange zest and of candied orange. At the start, there is an orange flavour explosion, dominated by a sweet, full-bodied flavour, quickly balanced out by the warming sensation of the alcohol, and a slight bitterness. This is followed by a balanced blend of sweet and bitter flavours from the orange peel essences, which creates a pleasantly fresh sensation.




50mL, 350mL, 700mL, 1L

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