The warm, sophisticated taste of Disaronno has a lineage dating back to one of the most romantic and creative periods in Italian history – the Renaissance. Since 1600’s  Reina family has closely guarded the secret formula, passing it from one generation to the next. In the first years of the twentieth century, Domenico Reina opened a store and workshop which took the name of “Domenico Reina Coloniali”, situated in the heart of Saronno. It was here that the Disaronno Originale was produced and sold commercially. Today, the headquarters are located in the plant in Saronno and owned by the Reina Family. Our velvety smooth taste and unmistakable aroma gave Disaronno the reputation of the world’s favourite Italian liqueur. disaronno.com

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Thanks to its smooth taste and unmistakable aroma, Disaronno is seen as an Italian stylish icon in more than 160 countries all over the world. For over 500 years, Disaronno recipe has remained unchanged.  The basic components of the recipe – natural almonds, vanilla from Madagascar and pure caramelized sugar – add aromatic and alcoholic complexity making the Disaronno taste distinctive.  Versatile and easily recognizable, Disaronno makes every cocktail unique.