Fiorente is named after Flora – the Roman goddess of flowering plants. Statues of her adorned the villages in ancient times and her name was invoked to make flowers bloom in spring and to ensure a healthy crop in the Autumn. Her festival, the Floralia, was held at the beginning of spring to celebrate the start of the cycle of life, of flowers and of drinking.

The elder tree (Sambucus Nigra) grows in abundance throughout Europe but it is in the northwest of Italy, in the mountainous region of Piemonte in the foothills of the Alps with its warm summers, cold winters and fertile soils where the plant achieves perfection. The sweet-smelling flowers are harvested at the end of Spring when they are at their most aromatic.

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Fiorente is the first international brand of Italian elderflower liqueur.  It has a lower sugar content than most other elderflower liqueurs in the market. All the ingredients that go into the making of Fiorente are entirely natural. The elderflowers are dried and transported to our carbon-neutral distillery where they are infused in alcohol and left to macerate. Fresh mint leaves and Sicilian lemon juice are infused separately to extract the aromas then all the distillates are slowly blended together. We only use alcohol of agricultural origin which has been distilled to our specifications.  

Tasting notes

The aromas are delightfully floral with the freshness of elderflowers.

The taste is clean and zesty due to addition of lemon peel and mint in the infusion.





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