Opal Sambuca

Founded in Piedmont, Northern Italy in 1951 by Luigi Francoli, the Francoli Distillery has a rich history of grappa production spanning 5 generations. Opal Nera, the original black Sambuca, was created at the Francoli Distillery in 1989 and since its successful launch has spread to over 30 countries around the world. In many markets, not only is Opal Nera the number one selling black Sambuca, but the number one Sambuca overall!

The name “sambuca” originates from the Latin name of the elder tree – Sambucus nigra, growing in abundance in Northern Italy. Opal Nera is a premium Sambuca liqueur with an intriguing, fresh, and smooth profile, from all-natural ingredients. The original recipe includes star anise, green anise, the peel of Italian lemons, and water drawn from a local alpine water source originally created by Leonardo da Vinci. An infusion of elderberries, cloves, cinnamon, and black cumin is the secret to Opal Nera’s deep purple hue.


The main ingredients in the production of Opal Nera are various spices such as star anise and green anise. Many other natural ingredients are also used including elderflowers, elderberries, orange flowers, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and Sicilian lemons. All of the ingredients are infused and distilled separately. Blended together they ensure the perfect balance and smoothness of Opal Nera. Elderberries also play an important part in obtaining the liqueur’s rich and uniquely deep purple colour. Finally, the water used during the production process is sourced from a natural spring located beneath nearby hills which are of ancient glacial origin.

Tasting notes

Complex notes of earthy spice and licorice.

Rich, plush and thick mouth-feel with excellent concentration of flavours displaying licorice, blueberry, and lemon.

Clean, deep finish with an anise and sugar fade.




50mL, 500mL, 700mL


After 14 years as the innovators of the Sambuca category, Fratelli Francoli S.P.A. launched ‘Opal Bianca’ as a ‘sister’ brand to Opal Nera. Created on the back of the success of the original, Opal Bianca is a more traditional Sambuca in terms of colour and flavour, while still sharing Nera’s exceptionally smooth delivery and finish.

Tasting notes

Soft anise and spice with heady sweeter notes.

Decadent and full on the palate, with rounded licorice and earthy, berry flavours.

Sharp sugar snap tapering off to a lingering subtle spice finish.





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