VOL: 700mL, 1.5LIABV: 40%
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Using only the best tierçons (French limousin oak barrels), LOUIS XIII is an exceptional blend of some 1,200 eaux-de-vie, the youngest of which is 40 years old and the oldest over 100 years old: “a century in a bottle”. This precious liquid is then housed in the famous LOUIS XIII decanter; richly decorated with the fleur-de-lys (a symbol of French royalty), each carafe numbered and hand blown using the finest crystal.

Five generations of cellar masters have protected a secular secret. The first generation, Alfred Giraud, and then his son André Giraud, inscribed LOUIS XIII at the heart of the 20th century for almost eight decades. Their successor, Georges Clot, perpetuated this tradition of excellence before passing on the art of this extraordinary blending to Pierrette Trichet.

In 2015 Pierrette Trichet – the first woman to be named a cognac cellar master, retired, selecting her successor, Baptiste Loiseau. Given the delicate ageing process, the current Cellar Master will not experience the final creation. This art is similar to that of cathedral builders who never saw the completion of their work and used only the best materials for their building.

Tasting notes


Floral, honeysuckle, delicate perfume of peaches, and melon. Marzipan nuttiness and honey.


Almonds, peaches, orange, wood spices, cinnamon, and orange blossom.


Truly satisfying, lingering, sweet oak spices delicate grapes and floral notes.

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