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Oct 15, 2021
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We have some exciting news from the fastest growing brand* in one of the fastest-growing spirit categories in the world.

The relaunch of Naked Malt, formerly Naked Grouse, will see no change to the award-winning liquid, but it will usher in a new name and look that better reflects its brand ethos and growing appeal to a new generation of whisky drinkers.

Ultra-premium spirits company, The Edrington Group, is re-presenting its Naked brand with a new identity. The brand is embracing its independent spirit and honouring the liquid by placing the first-fill sherry cask centre stage on the bottle. The brand name will also evolve to Naked Malt to reinforce its quality credentials and reflect the blend of some of Scotland’s finest single malts.

Naked Malt is a Blended Malt whisky produced in Scotland by ultra-premium spirits company The Edrington Group. It initially launched as a blended Scotch under the name Naked Grouse in 2011 before relaunching as a Blended Malt in 2017 in alignment with the burgeoning popularity of contemporary whiskies.

Since then, this exceptional Blended Malt has become the fastest-growing contemporary whisky* with consecutive years of double-digit growth. This year, the brand reveals a contemporary new design that will prime the Naked brand for even higher sales. The bottle – which stays completely transparent to showcase the liquid – will now be embossed with a stunning ‘Naked’ first-fill sherry cask. Extensive research in key markets has shown that these casks act as an essential quality cue for Naked Malt consumers, highlighting the quality of the liquid inside. The gorgeous moulded-glass cask design also pays homage to the unique process and the delicious flavours embodied in every bottle of Naked Malt.

This brand redesign has also allowed a switch to 100% recyclable packaging, which research reveals is important to Naked Malt and blended whisky consumers.

Each bottle will also feature the signature of Naked Malt Master Blender, Diane Stuart, acknowledging the meticulous blending, craftsmanship and care that goes The Naked Malt.


What is Blended Malt – and why is it growing so fast?

Naked Malt is a ‘Blended Malt’, part of the fast-growing but still emerging contemporary whisky category. Unlike a single malt, which comes from a single distillery, a Blended Malt is a scotch whisky made using different malt whiskies from several distilleries. But unlike blended scotch, there is no grain whisky in the blend.

Blended Malt whisky continues to rise in popularity and is recruiting new younger consumers. The contemporary whisky category is in solid double-digit growth and shows no sign of slowing.

Consumers entering the whisky category want drinks that are accessible and versatile.

Bartenders are looking for drinks with distinctive flavours that they can play with to create exciting cocktails.

All these trends point to ongoing sales growth for brands like Naked Malt.


What makes Naked Malt so unique?

As a Blended Malt whisky, Naked uses all the individuality and character of some of the world’s finest single malts to create a whisky that stands out from the crowd.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Convention says a Blended Malt is bound by certain rules.  Naked Malt think otherwise, choosing to extra-mature their whisky in first-fill Oloroso sherry casks.

These casks are called ‘Naked’ casks because it’s the first time they’ve held whisky. Four times the value of the bourbon casks used by competitive brands, these first-fill sherry casks give Naked Malt a balance of sweetness and rich, fruity character.

Naked Malt’s chief distiller ‘noses’, samples and interrogates thousands of casks to find the ones with the strength of character for Naked Malt whisky. When these Naked casks meet a unique blend of the world’s finest single malts, the result is a quality of spirit like no other that pushes the possibilities of whisky enjoyment.

The finished Naked Malt blend features hints of buttery toffee and sweet spice on the nose, notes of vanilla, stewed fruit and raisins on the palate with a rich and sherried spice finish. This is a versatile yet accessible premium liquid, offering something unique to a new generation of whisky drinkers.

Naked Malt is a genuinely contemporary spirit that gives consumers the freedom to enjoy their way – whether neat, on the rocks or as part of a cocktail.

This punchy Blended Malt whisky is fantastic on its own. It not only brings something new and exciting to the palate but is also a joy for bartenders to work with.

Naked Malt has created a range of bright, bold and brave serves that embrace modern trends for those who enjoy cocktails. All are based around the whisky sour, from simple sours that consumers can easily make at home to elevated sours targeted at stylish and influential on-premise outlets.

A particular favourite with bartenders is our signature serve, the Naked Sour. To celebrate the launch of the new Naked Malt brand and packaging, let’s have a look at three tasty recent examples of Naked flavour in action:

Bare Grills Sour – a fruity, tropical, Sour

Use your BBQ skills to impress with this super fruity Sour!

50ml Naked Malt

4-5 Grilled pineapple chunks

20ml Grilled lemon juice

15ml Honey Syrup

Pinch of salt

  • Add all ingredients into the shaker and shake with ice.
  • Strain over ice.
  • Garnish with grilled lemon.

Stark & Stormy Sour – a spicy, refreshing Sour

If you like a spicy kick to your Sour, this yummy combo is the Sour for you.

50ml Naked Malt

20ml Fresh ginger juice

20ml Honey syrup

20ml Lemon juice

  • Add all ingredients into a shaker and shake it with ice.
  • Strain over ice.
  • Garnish with a cherry.

Bare Your Soul Sour  – a balanced, Refreshing, and Vegan Sour

A Sour that’s good for the planet!

50ml Naked Malt

15ml Aqua Faba (chickpea brine)

10ml Supasawa

15ml Agave syrup

  • Add all ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice.
  • Strain over ice.
  • Garnish with a lemon twist

Naked believes in doing things differently…not tied to conventional whisky rules. Naked Malt is made for celebrating that liberating moment when you can get back to the real you, the Naked you…and that’s what makes this relaunch so exciting.

The contemporary whisky category shows solid double-digit growth – with no signs of slowing. Naked Malt is set to continue its upward sales trajectory. New branding, packaging and a reinforced commitment to sustainability will make it even more attractive to younger consumers. We know they are prepared to pay more for a contemporary whisky that offers something different – the freedom to break from whisky tradition and drink it their way. That’s why we’re so excited to provide Naked Malt and help you profit from the excitement around its brand relaunch.

At Spirits Platform, we offer a curated selection of brands like Naked Malt to help you take advantage of the latest spirit and category trends. If you’d like to stock Naked Malt, contact your local Spirits Platform State Manager.

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