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Jun 22, 2023
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It’s one of the world’s most popular cocktails. Now the vibrant spritz is getting its own dedicated month of celebrations, thanks to SELECT Aperitivo, the critical ingredient in the Original Venetian Spritz.

The year is 1920, and amidst the resurgence of life’s pleasures after World War I, the sophisticated, bittersweet flavour of Select Aperitivo is born in the charming Castello district of Venice. As Venetians embraced life again after 4 years of conflict, the ritual of savouring an aperitivo with friends is gaining immense popularity. The enterprising Pilla brothers seize this opportunity to create a harmonious medley of 30 botanicals, including juniper berries and rhubarb roots, forging a bittersweet flavour that exudes sophistication.

Select Aperitivo is born!

Fast forward a century, and SELECT Aperitivo is cherished in over 50 countries as the quintessential ingredient of the Original Venetian Spritz. This year, in celebration of that original spirit and incredible heritage, SELECT Spritz Month comes to Sydney. The first SELECT Spritz week was launched in Venice from 25 – 28 May 2023 to coincide with the grand opening of Ca’Select, the new home of SELECT Aperitivo. Ca’Select was renovated from an ex-industrial building in Venice. It was re-imagined by leading Venetian artisans and artists into an immersive experience that allows aperitivo lovers to learn about Select and experience it first-hand.

A Taste of Venice Comes to Sydney

After Venice, SELECT Spritz events move on to some of the world’s major capitals before coming to Sydney in September 2023, just in time for Spring – the perfect time to sample Italian Aperitivo culture. Available in Australia, SELECT Aperitivo brings the sophistication of Venice and the playfulness of Italian aperitivo hour to Australia, with the Venetian Spritz being the perfect drink to enjoy as the weather warms and friends and loved ones gather to enjoy good times. Unchanged since its birth in 1920, the Select recipe blends various botanicals, including juniper berries for their balsamic and floral characteristics and rhubarb roots, which provide intensely bitter notes for balance.




A truly artisanal creation

SELECT Aperitivo liqueur is made to an exacting process of multiple steps and stages. The same artisanal processing methods are used today as in 1920, guaranteeing a product of the highest quality and excellence. First, the rhubarb roots are carefully processed and individually macerated, which gives Select its intensely bitter taste. Then, the juniper berries are macerated to extract their fresh, resinous notes, adding structure and a counterbalance to the bitterness. Next, the botanicals are slowly macerated in alcohol and water and then boiled to extract their true essence. The juniper berries are distilled in an alembic pot still, using artisanal methods to obtain the most aromatic part of the fruit. The end result? A sophisticated aromatic profile and well-balanced bittersweet taste.

SELECT Aperitivo Tasting Notes

Aroma  – Herbaceous with notes of orange citrus and vanilla.
Palate – Sweet-sour flavour with notes of citrus and vanilla.
Finish  ­– Smooth and herbaceous with plenty of fruit and vanilla

This complex and nuanced aromatic profile makes Select Aperitivo the essential ingredient in the Original Venetian Spritz. The recipe is simple, and the result is a well-balanced, bittersweet-tasting Spritz cocktail that’s deliciously refreshing.

SELECT Spritz – The Original Venetian Spritz


60mL SELECT Aperitivo Liqueur
90mL Prosecco
30mL Sparkling water
1 Green olive


Pour ingredients into a wine glass over ice. Stir and garnish with a single green olive.

A new Australian ritual

As Australians increasingly enjoy the ritual of meeting up with friends for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, an Aperitivo or two is increasingly seen as the perfect way to start the evening with a touch of sophistication – and a great way to stimulate the appetite. And what better Aperitivo to serve than a worthy original? The Original Venetian Spritz with SELECT Aperitivo is the perfect pre-dinner drink to serve at your bar or venue. Or, if you’re planning your next gathering it’s the ideal drink to enjoy at home with loved ones. They won’t be disappointed.

If you would like to stock SELECT Aperitivo and/or participate in SELECT Spritz Month in September, contact your local Spirits Platform State Manager for more information.

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