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Traditional wisdom prescribes that blended malts should mature in pre-used bourbon casks. But where’s the excitement in conformity? Instead, we chose to extra-mature our unparalleled blend of the world’s finest single malts in first-fill sherry casks. These casks, dubbed “Naked,” had never cradled whisky. This bold departure from tradition wasn’t merely successful; it revolutionized the realm of whisky enjoyment. At Naked, we champion unconventional approaches. We embrace the naked truth and refuse to be bound by traditional whisky norms. Our whisky celebrates the liberating moment when you can embrace your true self, your Naked self…

Our extraordinary blend of the world’s finest single malts undergoes an additional six months of maturation in “Naked” first-fill Oloroso sherry casks. These casks, referred to as “Naked,” have never housed whisky. This process imbues our whisky with a rich, fruity depth of flavour, rendering it a remarkably versatile and enjoyable spirit, perfect for savouring as you please.

Naked Malt is meticulously crafted from a selection of the world’s finest single malts. The chosen ones are blended with care and then transferred into our “Naked” first-fill sherry casks. We meticulously assess and sample thousands of casks to identify those with the resilience and character suitable for our whisky. These casks, which have never hosted whisky before, are christened Naked casks.

Our distinct blend is further matured in these Naked sherry-seasoned casks for a minimum of six months. This duration allows the Oloroso sherry seasoning to impart a rich, fruity complexity that sets Naked apart from the ordinary. With such a unique and adaptable flavour profile, you needn’t adhere to conventional whisky norms. So, go ahead, embrace your individuality… Savor Naked YOUR way!


Tasting Notes:

Conventional wisdom dictates the necessity of tasting notes. While our whisky undoubtedly boasts layers of rich, fruity flavour, we prefer to leave the exploration to you. Naked Malt is simply crafted for enjoyment, wherever and however you choose.


Additional information for the Category

In 2024, our focus shifts to the intricate art of blending, delving deep into the complexities of selecting premium single malts and harmonising them to create Naked Malt. Our exploration centres around understanding flavour profiles and refining the skill of blending to illuminate the difference between blended malts and blended whiskies.

The blended malt whisky category emerged in 2009, replacing the previous terms “vatted malt” or “pure malt.” This change was prompted by concerns that terms like “vatted” and “pure” were not sufficiently clear for consumers. Consequently, the blended malt category was introduced to provide clarity and transparency in whisky classification.

A blended malt is essentially a fusion of single malts sourced from various distilleries, excluding grain whisky. By blending diverse single malts, a unique flavour profile is achieved. The inclusion of grain whisky would dilute the distinctive character of the final product, resulting in a less complex flavour profile.

The decisions made by a Scotch whisky blender encompass several crucial aspects:

  • Selection of Single Malts: Choosing which single malts to include in the blend, considering factors such as flavour profiles, age, region, and distillery reputation.
  • Proportion of Each Single Malt: Determining the optimal ratio of each single malt in the blend to achieve the desired flavour profile, often requiring experimentation.
  • Maturation Considerations: Using single malts matured in various cask types, such as ex-bourbon, sherry, or wine casks, to impart specific flavours and aromas.
  • Age Statement: Deciding whether to include an age statement on the bottle and determining the minimum age of the youngest whisky in the blend.
  • Quality Control: Ensuring consistency and quality across batches by meticulously tasting and evaluating samples throughout the blending process.
  • Adjustments: Fine-tuning the blend by making minor adjustments, such as adding or reducing certain single malts or adjusting the proportion of casks used.
  • Legal Compliance: Adhering to Scotch whisky laws and regulations, including maintaining product integrity and meeting labelling standards.


In creating a blended malt like Naked Malt, the selection of dressing malts is crucial. These dressing malts are chosen single malts intended to complement and enhance the overall flavour profile of the blend. They may include lightly peated malts for subtle smokiness, malts known for fruity or floral notes, malts aged in sherry casks for rich sweetness, creamy textured malts with hints of vanilla, or malts with maritime influences offering briny or coastal elements. The choice of dressing malts depends on the desired flavour profile aimed for in Naked Malt whisky.

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