VOL: 750mLIABV: 18%
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Giardino Mediterranean Dry

Vermouth Giardino Mediterranean Dry is a distinct dry vermouth with fresh and vibrant P.G.I. Sorrento Lemon peel (Villa Massa Limoncello is only made using P.G.I. Sorrento Lemons) combined with other Mediterranean herbs, spices, and botanicals including wormwood, ginger, juniper, and nutmeg.  Similarly, this has a lighter style than its French and Italian counterparts thanks to its fresh citrus taste and slight salinity.

Tasting notes


Golden straw, soft pale yellow.


Fresh lemon peel, with subtle white flowers and thyme.


Light bodied, with a zing of Sorrento Lemon peel. Gentle quips of salinity, with fresh green herbs and a hint of chamomile.

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