Francoli Barrique
VOL: 700mLIABV: 42.5%
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Luigi Francoli Barrique Del Limousin

Distilled from traditional “vinaccia” from Piedmont, Luigi Francoli Barrique Del Limousin matures for three years in oak barrels of medium capacity. The hints of wood refine the longer-lasting traces and enhance the elegant, spicy notes. The final refining in Limousin wood barriques adds interesting hints of nuts to the grappa. Finally the Moscato grapes bring their own unique fragrance and freshness to a symmetry of flavour and aroma.

Tasting notes

Barrique del Limousin has a shiny and intense golden yellow colour. Its perfume is definite and fragrant, with pleasant notes of toasted hazelnut, vanilla, raisins, and tropical fruits.

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